Marching Through Time


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released March 18, 2017

all songs written and performed by Gregory Case
tracking and mastering by Dylan Seals
mixing by Dylan Seal and Brent Hendrich
artwork by Wes Montgomery
additional snare on Suit Up and Future Fear by Justin Cody
ultra spooky synth on Future Fear by Dylan Seals



all rights reserved


VOLCANO Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Told You So
should I come at you like a cannonball
or perhaps you might prefer a bolt of lightning?
Straight to the skull, truth be told
striking never felt so good

you'll owe me for this injury
this bruise will serve you well
these stitches will sew a lesson
that for years these scars will tell

now you're told you can go home
your recovery is through
and it's time to check out
then you recall
how it felt to be struck
straight to the skull
never felt so good
Track Name: Replicate
I've got one waiting in the wings
but that's going to come down soon
as soon as I find the time
story of my life

I see two hiding in the bush
I'd like to make them mine
if I could ever manage to let go
of this one in my hand

I'll clone myself and send him off to do my dirty work
and I'll stay here and clean around the clock for you
and you'll come home and then we can commence
the high-fives

and I'll clone you and sweep you up for nighttime fantasy
and she can stay in bed and sleep away your misery
and in the morning we'll wake up
and do it again
Track Name: Chemically Speaking
dagger and cloak
wrapped up in mirrors and smoke
crept onto your lips
and carved a place out in your mind
now it holds you
now it holds you

what will you do
now that you've let everyone down
you're not even in control
Track Name: Future Fear
among the trees
I see a face between the leaves
is it me?
how can I know for sure?

and when I close my eyes
I can see his face
and when I run away
I can hear his voice

he cuts the breeze
and carves a path the corner of my mind
is it me?
how can I know for sure

and when I close my eyes
I can see his face
and when I run away
I can hear his voice

he speaks to me
in a language I forgot
from a time that escapes me
and when he calls my name
I feel the same
Track Name: Apple Of My Eye
momma's boy
daddy's girl
moving through space, yet frozen in time
by a couple of words
chosen by a few
to describe you

apple of my eye
didn't fall too far from this tree
but what really grabs me and takes a bite

why couldn't I land on a hill
and roll far from this tree?
Why couldn't I land on a hill
and plant my seed far from this tree?

ripe for harvest
grown for consumption
I've been peeled and sliced
my seed is forgotten
my core has turned rottten
why couldn't I land on a hill
why couldn't fall far far from this tree
why couldn't I land on a hill
why couldn't fall far far from this tree
Track Name: Distress Signal
dust falls like snow on my keys
time blows like wind through my strings
would you,
could you,
can you, want to?

victim of circumstance
threading a needle
for the lesser of two evils
where did we go wrong? can we get back there?
Track Name: Erased
the worst part about time travel
is when your soul changes shape
but it was worth it just to see the look on your face
you thought you had finished but
sent me out to space
but now I've come back and it is you I will erase

the frist time you see me will be the last
I travelled here to end you before you begin
don't even try and run my hands move faster than time
and you'll end here faster than life
Track Name: Shot In The Dark
can you find the signal through noise
can you see the mouth behind the voice
discern the origin from the echo
and find what you need

tell me how
tell me how
before I disappear

it's hard believing everything I hear
playing hostage to my imagination
if I'm to believe in one single thing
it better be right